Friday, 13 April 2012

Free Erotic Read!


Fire in His Eyes by Stella and Audra Price is now free on Amazon, this only for 5 days. It is the first of their Dragon Elemental books and I reviewed it a couple of years ago. You can find my review here. It is an erotic novel and I gave it 4 frillies out of 5. If you want a little steamy fun then have a go!



Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Darkness Descending: The Review

Complimentary copy
from AAD

By Devyn Quinn 

The first seal has been broken, signaling the end of days. Fallen angels in the form of vampires are infecting humans one by one, creating an army fit for Armageddon. Of the few who survive the infection, one stands alone above all others… For one year, Jesse Burke has been suppressing the beast within, driven by vengeance to destroy the vampiric fallen angels terrorizing New Orleans. But a war of biblical proportions is too much for one girl to handle, and she must turn to slayer Maddox deValois for training, though it threatens her fiercely-guarded independence. At the same time, the sinister demon Queen Amonate is doing everything in her power to lure Jesse into embracing the darkness inside her soul—a power play that will trap her in a deadly web of deception between the forces of good and evil… Before this war is over, everyone will learn that hell hath no fury like a woman possessed…

*possible mini (like a speck of a) spoiler in paragraph 6, close your eyes when you get to it... but I don't think it would spoil the reading for anyone.

This was another book that I got when I was at AAD Philadelphia last year, and yes I know, it has taken me a while to get to it, but in my defence I got so many fantastic books and this is another good one! It is the first in what I think could be an intriguing series but it is also a book which seems to polarise its audience. Between those who love it and those who didn't finish it. Me... I enjoyed it and would happily buy and read the second one to see where it is going. In my humble opinion, it is definitely worth a read.

The question is why?

I liked the story, I liked the premise, I liked the main characters and I liked the fact that this was clearly only a first instalment, the main events are still to come. That is not to say that nothing happens in this book, it does, there is plenty of it, but it is a novel of growth and discovering the lay of the land. So what do we discover?

Vampires stem from fallen angels and are creating an army, the original and powerful angels hidden in society able to pass for humans and choosing who they want in their army. An army which is growing. The Palindromes are defenders of the humans, men who have a genetic link to angels who mated with selected human women a millennia ago to father defenders of humanity. But their numbers are dwindling and they only discover who they are after they have been attacked by vampires, or rather the Telave. However a prophecy says that in their time of need a leader will be sent to help them: in steps Jesse Burke, not only is she young, a woman but she is also the only human ever to survive a vampire attack and infection. Every day she battles her inner demon and has no intention of letting it win.

Jesse is an interesting heroine, she is scared, angry, confused, brave and determined. We learn as she does about the world she has been plunged into, about the world of the Telave and the Palindromes, the world of Maddox deValois.

Maddox is an interesting hero, almost an anti-hero in a way, he is strong and hard and worldly and secretive as he is an addict. Addicted to smoking and as we find out to the vampiric bite. I don't think I am spoiling anything by saying that, we are openly told he is and for me it does explain his budding relationship with Jesse. I am not talking romance, because I don't think it is romance yet, I think it is lust and sex and need and addiction for both of them. She needs to feel human and human contact and he needs to feel her if you get my drift.

You meet the secondary characters of Sam and Reyes, both part of team palindrome and two very different men, with very different backgrounds, they add gravitas to the tale and help with the story telling, I am interested in seeing where they go. The villains are suitably villainous and creepy, all with secrets and even though we only really meet Amonate at the end of the novel she shares a little one with us too.

The ending comes very quickly once you get into the novel and like all good first instalments it ends on a cliffhanger, I am intrigued where this will go, therefore... yes... I shell be spending my hard earned cash and investing in part 2!

Add this to your poolside reading as I give this book 4 frillies out of 5. A fun and engaging read with plenty of promise.

PS! If you want to have a look chapter one is available on the author's website here.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Inspired by The Book Vixen, who participates in Teaser Tuesday hosted by MizB at Should be Reading I think it is a FAB idea... she said to

  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! Make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others.
  • Share the title and author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

So here we go, from page 72 of Darkness Descending by Devyn Quinn.

"Though she doubted he was on the lookout for the undead in broad daylight, she imagined the habit was deeply ingrained. The man obviously didn't like the idea of people or vampires, sneaking up on him."

Sunday, 8 April 2012

I Dream of Genies: The Review

copy from AAD
by Judi Fennell
 He needs to change his luck, and fast!
But for all his hoping, Matt’s clueless when his long awaited lucky charm falls in his lap in the form of a beguiling genie. He just can’t believe that this beautiful woman could be the answer to his prayers…
 She’s been bottled up for far too long! Spending 2,000 years in a bottle would make any woman go a little stir crazy. So when Matt releases Eden from her luxurious captivity, she’s thrilled to repay him by giving him the magical boost he needs…
But for all her good intentions, Eden’s magical prowess is a little rusty and her magical mistakes become more than embarrassing. And though Eden knows falling in love will end her magic and immortality, she can’t help but be drawn to the one man who wants her just for herself…
Matt Ewing would gladly hunt down a fortune in lucky pennies if he thought it     would help save his business.
It is me again! I know, twice in one week, who would have known? I am using my holiday time (and inactivity due to chest infection) as a chance to get caught up on some reviews, and this is one I have been wanting to do for a while.

I was lucky enough to be given a copy of I Dream of Genies when I attended AAD in Philadelphia last year, even luckier to be able to get it signed by Judi Fennell, who is such a lovely lady. I have always loved Genies, as a child I would watch reruns of I Dream of Jeannie and wonder.... is that really JR Ewing? My dad having told me it was, and me thinking... but he looks a lot older! Yip, I was that little! But I loved Jeannie, I loved the costumes, the chaos... the fun! That is what I was hoping to find in I Dream of Genies, romance, frivolity and fun, guess what, that is what I found and I really enjoyed it.

This is a great summer book.

I really need to start my Minxy list of summer reads and this is definitely one I shall be putting on it. It is perfect for sitting round the pool, reading at the airport or on the plane.

But why? It is a really cute romance, Eden is a genie with a past, imprisoned in her bottle for something she did, something that we perhaps don't totally believe; something that we learn the truth about as the novel develops. When we meet her she is baby sitting a Dragonette (a baby dragon called Humphrey) and talking to a cat called Obo, I did tell you it was cute! Obo is a cat with a mysterious past, there is much more to him than what we first see. Their topic of conversation, Matt Ewing, the sexy man who jogs past Eden's bottle every day. The man Eden lusts after, and the man who she ultimately falls in love with.

When her bottle is thrown out she is eventually released and lands in the lap of Matt, literally, in full 'Jeannie costume' Matt takes her in and looks after her, as payment she uses her magic to help him. Just one problem, it is a bit rusty and goes wrong, outing her as a genie. Matt takes this remarkably well, but then faced with a dragonette on his head and a donkey in the kitchen he really doesn't have much choice!

Factor in the evil Faruq who wants Eden for himself, trust me he has very dodgy choice in clothing too! A quest to find the truth and freedom, fighting Faruq and falling in love make this a really fun romance. And yes there are some rather hot scenes... can we say sex that is so hot it makes you float!

I give I Dream of Genies 3.5 frillies out of 5, a great fun summer read. So pull out your bikini and shades, grab I Dream of Genies and settle down for some fun.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Lover Reborn: The Review

Own Purchase
By JR Ward

Ever since the death of his shellan, Tohrment is a heartbroken shadow of the vampire leader he once was. Brought back to the Brotherhood by a self-serving fallen angel, he fights again with ruthless vengeance- and is unprepared for a new tragedy. Seeing his beloved in dreams—trapped in a cold, desolate netherworld—he turns to the angel to save his former mate, only to despair at the path he himself must take to set her free. As war with the lessers rages, and a new clan of vampires vies for the Blind King’s throne, Tohr struggles between an unforgettable past, and a future that he doesn’t know he can live with… but can’t seem to turn away from.

It has been a long time since I first started reading the BDB books, in fact only Wrath's book was out and when you have been reading a series so long and you are totally invested in the books a fear is always that the books will disappoint. It is not so much that they will change, I know a long running series must continue to evolve or the books will become stale. But I have read other series where the later books have lost the charm of the earlier ones and it is always a risk and a disappointment. That doesn't happen here! These books are fresh new and still have all that I loved in the opening books. The brothers.

Yes they are evolving and each new book is not simply a story of one couple but a story of the entire brotherhood and I really like that, I love that we have overlap and find out the continuing stories of others, and I loved this book.

This is Tohrs ever evolving story, the story of how he lets go and gets his life back, the story of No'one (who was introduced in the last book) but it is so much more than that, it is a continuation of John Mathhew and Xhex, the story of Xhex and her mother, Qhuinn, Blay, Saxton and Layla, the chosen, the King, the Band of Bastards, new drugs lord and the list goes on. It is a complex story and an intriguing read.

It is certainly more than boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl live happily ever after.

So what did I love? Tohr! Loved him from the beginning, seeing him fall apart after Wellsie's death was heart breaking and I know we have all been waiting for this, for his rebirth. I know, for me at least, when we found out who No'one was in Payne's book part of me did wonder, ooo well, if she can return from the fade perhaps Wellsie can, is that the direction the books will go in? But no, it is about dealing with grief and moving on, which in reality we all have to do, they live on in our hearts but we embrace what we have now. It is not easy for him, just as it is not easy for anyone else in that circumstance, but he has help. Lassiter! Lassiter oh how I loved you! He is great, dark, moody mysteriously good and funny. Oh and did I mention sexy, I hope I have a guardian angel like that ;) See I am getting distracted, that is what Lassiter does to me, that and paracetamol and antibiotics and as I am on both... yeah I may ramble more than normal!

No'one is certainly not no-one, she learns who she is as the book goes on, how to live, love and just simply be happy with herself. We know what a horrible existence she had in her previous life and this is her chance to save herself, will she take it? I liked her as a character, I liked her growth, how the meekness receded and how sometimes you saw the survivor, the core of steel which kept her going. The strength she didn't even know she had.

There are heart breaking moments in this book, the problems faced by John Matthew and Xhex, the events surrounding Wrath (hehe I am not going to spoil it!) and events at the end made me cry. YES THE BOOK MADE ME SNIVEL AND CRY.

The Brotherhood's enemy is now no-longer the Lessening Society and the Omega, they now have, in addition, Xcor and his band of Bastards, a breakaway in the glymeria and a new drugs baron who has yet to name his side. Can we say intriguing? Can we say exciting! As Bob the Builder would say.... YES WE CAN!

Where will it go from here? I have heard that Qhuinn and Blay will be next and I can see plot lines being set up in the book, ones that I find totally intriguing.

Ok now to Layla, yeah, you were wondering if I would mention her, I like Layla, I always have, I feel sorry for her, not in a pity way, but more in a lost soul way. She has a good heart and it seems like no-one cares. She makes a huge mistake in this book, actually no, that is not fair, she is fooled and it is not her fault. I do hope the events surrounding it show the brotherhood that their attitudes to women and the chosen in particular need to change. I know Xhex faced the same problems with what the expected from a bonded mate and part of this is addressed in the book. I am truly interested in where this will go and what the future for 'the chosen' will be.

So, to sum up. great book, and interesting read which will make you laugh and cry, a romance that pulls at your heartstrings, boy meets girl and saves souls, funny sexy angel, funny sexy vampires, bad guys, fighting, social commentary and shocks! What more could you want from a book? I thoroughly enjoyed it! I give it 4.5 frillies out of 5. Put it on your TBR pile if you haven't already.

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