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Midnight Enchantment: The Review

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By Anya Bast

A quest for freedom may be derailed by their intense attraction... 
Niall Quinn, mage and the finest thief in the Black Tower, is the fae's best hope for freedom. Only he stands a chance of tracking down and retrieving the missing bosca fadbh pieces from the Summer Queen. But he meets his match in Elizabeth Cely Saintjohn, who has taken control of the pieces on the Summer Queen's behalf—and has refused to give them up. 
Elizabeth is an asrai, a rare English water fae, and she may be the only one in Piefferburg stealthier than Niall. She has her own reasons for guarding the two pieces and wanting the walls of Piefferburg to remain intact—even if it means denying her fae sisters and brothers their freedom. Her mother's life depends on it. 
Torn between his duty to obtain the pieces at any cost—and the shocking lust Elizabeth has stirred in him—Niall must convince Elizabeth to surrender the pieces, or else he may have no choice but to destroy her and all she holds dear.

Hello everyone, sorry for my extended hiatus, things round here got a tad busy and well, life threw me over its shoulder and scampered off into the jungle! But I am still here, and alive and trying to get back to my blogging. So here goes, review number one and a review of a series which I have loved. This is the last book in the series and did it disappoint? No, absolutely not, it was great! One thing did disappoint me, and that was simply that it was the last in the series, I even tweeted Anya Bast to ask, this was her reply,   "For now. I tied it up, no loose ends...but I'm thinking v. seriously about a spin off series. Love that world."  

I know! How exciting would that be, so many characters I would love to hear more about: but look at me I am getting distracted. You want to know about this book and more that just simply, it is good and you need to read it. Even if that does cover the basics. ;)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I have been fascinated by the Quinn brothers since I first came across Ronan's story in All I Want for Christmas a few years ago and throughout the other stories we have had glimpses of his brother Niall, strong, quiet, stealthy, intelligent, secretive and sexy! A man/mage/fae I definitely wanted to get to know better and in this book we did. We got to know the man behind the magic, not just the exterior he projects to others but the depth of caring which dwells in his core. Truly a man for all seasons. 

Elizabeth is an intricate character and someone you understand from the outset, and really you need to, she his hiding what the fae need to escape their prison, we need to understand her motivations and be with her whilst she gives Niall the run around. And in my opinion we do understand her, we understand her innocence and fear of what might happen all whilst we understand Niall's need to steal them from her and return them to the Shadow Queen. It puts us in a unique position between them, the perfect place to watch their growing relationship, to watch as it shifts and becomes more, to watch as it becomes about salvation of themselves and not just salvation of their race.

The plot is pacey and intricate which keeps you reading, the end is action packed and pleasing, and with a few surprises. All the usual gang make an appearance which is great, what I really liked was getting to see the depth of the relationship of Aislinn and Gabriel who were the protagonists of the first novel, looking at how they had grown into their respective roles and how their love had deepened.

There are some really fun parts of the novel too, ones that make you laugh, squirm and go awww. One of my favourite fun bits was when Niall eats Elizabeth's Mum's cookies! Truthfully it was. Hehehe.

A great end to the series, loose ends are tied up and the 'hint' and the end made me smile, I am just sad it had to end. If you are looking for a really worthwhile fae series, please, give these books a try.

I give Midnight Enchantment 4.5 frillies out of 5, a great read I wish could have gone on longer.

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