Thursday, 3 March 2011

Smut of the Month: Simple Need

 By Lissa Matthews

Vinter is not your typical businessman. Tattoos, piercings and not a suit and tie in sight. One-third owner of a bar and a tattoo parlor along with being a bassist in a band, Vinter comes and goes as he pleases. He likes his beer cold, his music hard and his women scorching hot. Until he’s knocked off his game by a suburban doll he can’t stop wanting.

Elise needs a change. In men. The buttoned-up businessmen she’s been dating leave a lot to be desired—in romance, in respect and most definitely in sex. A recent text message from her now ex-lover drives Elise into a popular bar on the outside of town, where she meets one of its owners. He’s just the kind of man she’s never had and definitely the kind she’s always fantasized about. Big, bad and oh so naughty.

Unexpected tenderness. Unimaginable lust. Being dumped has never felt so damn good.

Oh my! OH MY!! I read this before I read The Demon is an Angel and that poor story had to compete with this! I think I had to wipe the drool off binky's screen! (Binky being my sony ereader), it was so good that after I read tDiaA I had to go back and read this again, in fact I want to read the phone scene again in a moment! HOT! That is all I have to say!

But ok I will say more.

The short story begins with Elise in a bar, earlier that day her boyfriend dumped her by text. Elise is surburbia, a suit, smart, practical, hard working, and her boy friends have been the same; with each date almost an interview to see if she is suitable wife and mother material, what would she be like at the country club, the right parties etc. However this last boyfriend had a secret which, when revealed in his text floored Elise and sent her running to the nearest bar: he was going back to his wife.

Vinter is sex on legs, part owner in the bar he sees Elise walk in with something on her mind, a sadness in her eyes and he buys her a drink. Vinter is attracted to her and as he hears her story he gives her an offer, hard, hot, mindless sex to wipe the memory of 'the dumb ass' from her mind. Elise needs something and finally agrees, thinking they will be going to a hotel room for a quickie, but Vinter has other ideas, to take her home and keep her fr the weekend. Which is what he does. He helps her to discover her sexuality, to discover the woman from her youth who she subdued.

I really loved Elise and Vinter, there was a a real care in them and much more hidden beneath the surface, I want a Vinter, if anyone knows where I can find one please let me know! I am quite happy to answer to the name of Elise.... =P I do think she represents many professional women, where because of work you need to project a certain persona, but you are a very different person in your private life. It is the corset beneath the suit. Whereas Vinter was everything she didn't know she needed, but above all he was a man who encouraged her to be herself and loved what he saw.

The sex is steamy, my favourite scene is when he makes her answer the phone to her ex, who won't stop ringing, whilst they are having sex. This also has a hopeful end, which I won't spoil by telling you about. I'd love to read more about Vinter and Elise, you never know, perhaps we wil get another short.... pleeeease!

I give Simple Need 4.5 frilly knickers out of 5. A definite bikini read and a damp panty read wirh pierced knobs on!

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