Sunday, 11 December 2011

Twisted Up: The Review Erotic Reading & S.O.T.M.

ARC Review from author
By Lissa Matthews

One rope. Three days. And two hearts on the line. 

Justin has had enough. Ella, the woman who healed his broken heart, has been cancelling on him for two months straight. Sure, she’s busy with her job, which has her traveling far and wide. But that never stopped her from sharing nights of trivia, long conversations and blazing hot sex—until now. Truth to tell, he misses their easy friendship, the way her sighs fill his ear as he fills her body. 

What he can’t figure out is, what’s changed? 

At work, Ella finds it easy to talk to rooms full of strangers. Once back at her lonely apartment, though, she’s back to her painfully shy self—until Justin. Their chance meeting grew over the months into a year-long affair, but she can’t shake the feeling that rejection and pain are just around the corner. Best thing to do? End it now, before their intimacy digs too deep. 

Suddenly he’s at her door with a length of neon-green rope and a naughty proposition, daring her to say no. Just how good could it be? There’s only one way to find out… 
Product Warnings 

The sheets are tangled, the hat is crumpled, and the jeans are worn low on the hips. The cowboy is hot, determined, and helpless in the face of bunny slippers. Readers may need extra batteries to get this one out of their system.

If you want a fun loving sexy cowboy for Christmas then look no further than Justin, as it says above he is hot, determined and helpless when it comes to bunny slippers. Another great novella from Lissa Mathews with characters who make you care for them and I really liked it. Loved Justin, he was keen and rough and loveable; I loved how Ella's concerns reflect those of a lot of people and the fact the age difference was there but not a big deal. I liked the characters so much I invested in their story, wanted them to succeed and I really liked the ending. 

What we do get in this novella is an insight into the climax of their relationship, will it work or break down. After meeting in a bar and chatting online as well as the odd weekend away Ella is pulling away and Justin wants more, when we first meet them he is on her doorstep and telling her how he feels and what he wants. The Ultimatum moment. It is tense and sexy and I would have ran to his truck had it been me in that hallway!

Justin is a really complex character and that comes out in their discussion about her need for hard quick sex, straight to the main course by pass starters and who needs desert? Yet he keeps up with the slow loving and is very thorough with it. Ella seems confident yet a bit damaged, she puts on a cloak of clothing and make up and becomes her job when she is there, but in relationships she is scared, of being hurt, being alone, being led down the garden path; and I think a lot of women will equate to that emotion after a relationship or marriage just fades and turns to friendship.

She is kinky but a conformist. 
He likes PDA and is kiny too, that friction makes them interesting.

The whole thing about him not being circumcised made me giggle too. From a non American point of view it is really interesting as most men in Northern Europe aren't, however I know most in USA are. So that was fun and interesting.

What I want to know is will there be a future book about his brother or friends?

I hope so!

Oh and the sex was hot. with a capital Hot! *wink*

I give Twisted up 4 frillies out of 5, a definite damp panty read and my smut of the month! Every girl needs a cowboy Christmas.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Immortal Rider: The Review

own purchase
By Larissa Ione
Sexy, powerful, and immortal, Limos is on a crash course with destiny. She’s been marked as Satan’s bride and her jealous fiancĂ© wants her all to himself. The only way this Horseman can keep herself—and everyone else—safe is to keep her distance. But not even Limos can save herself from the secrets she’s kept . . . or resist the seductive allure of one very brave human. 

Arik Wagner knows the saying “love hurts” better than most, yet he never thought stealing a kiss from Limos would land him in Hell. Literally. It takes all his military training to survive the demon torture, but once he’s topside, Arik realizes that the agony has just begun. With the Apocalypse looming and Satan demanding his bride, will Arik and Limos surrender to the desire smoldering between them? Or will giving in to their passion unleash hell on earth?

Ok lets start with whether or not I liked it, I DID! In fact I liked it so much I have already been online and ordered the next book Lethal Rider, yup I am an addict and I know I have a problem, so why did I like it so much?

There are a few reasons, firstly the characters- not only are they well developed but if you have been reading this series from the start of the demonica books you know them inside out, yet Ione still manages to surprise you with secrets, secrets which keep you guessing and wondering, some which are revealed in the story and some which are dangled over your head and happily skip in front of you and all the way to the next novel. Arik and Limos do take centre stage in the novel but it does focus on all of the horseman and we do get to know Thanatos quite intimately which, I have to say, I loved! Limos is a great contradiction, fierce and girly rolled into one and unsure of herself and what she wants. In the meantime Arik knows exactly what he wants, Limos,  and as a result is in quite a predicament, but throughout it all he is strong and passionate and protective and we just love him for it.

Whilst this is Limos' book it is in my opinion the second journal of the horsemen charting the development in all of their stories and this is another reason why I like it. Ares and Cara are not relegated to simple referencing, they are active in the story, the other horsemen are not simply side characters again they are active and have their own agendas and themes. Please do not let this put you off, the stories are cleverly entwined and support the over all meaning.  

All of this sets you up for an exciting ending and a headlong rush straight into the arms of your book pimp where you order the next one. Trust me, you will like it!

I know, I am rambling, but those of you who read my reviews should be used to this by now! So bottom line, great characters, Limos and Arik are the stars and they make a great couple, he is growly and protective she is girly and fierce and kicks ass! Both their lives are uber complicated and get even more so, hidden secrets and evil fiances! All your favourite friends are their and the back story is set up for the next novel. I managed to read it in 2 days with a terrible cold- for me that is an achievement as normally I can't concentrate, but on this I could, I wanted too, I needed too!  Another great read from Larissa Ione! I was lucky enough to meet her at AAD last year and trust me, she is one of the nicest people.

I give Immortal Rider 5 frillies out of 5, a great read, and whilst you could read it as a standalone quite easily (it would make sense) a knowledge of the other books would help to bring out some of the subtle plot nuances. And did I mention it is HOT? Especially Thanatos! *wink* 

Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Hunter: Reviewed

ARC Review from AAD
By Theresa Meyers

They're the Chosen—Winchester, Remington and Colt—brothers trained to hunt down supernatural beings using the latest steam-powered gadgetry. It's a hard legacy to shoulder, and it's about to get a lot more dangerous. . .
A Devil Of A Job
Colt Jackson has gotten his name on many a wanted poster with success in the family business: hunting supernaturals across the frontier. Lately, though, there's a sulfur stink in the wind and the Darkin population is exploding. A rift in the worlds is appearing. To close it, Colt will have to do the unthinkable and work with a demon to pass arcane boundaries no human alone can cross.
Except when he summons his demon, he doesn't get some horned monstrosity: he gets a curvy redheaded succubus named Lilly, who's willing to make a bargain to become human again. He also gets Lilly's secret expertise on the machinations on the dark side of the rift. And her charm and cleverness help to get them out of what his silver-loaded pistol and mechanical horse can't. Of course, when all hell breaks loose, he might have to sacrifice his soul. But what's adventure without a little risk?

The Hunter by Theresa Meyers. I was given the ARC of this book whilst I was at AAD this year, it was one of the ones shipped to me, so you can imagine they took a little longer to get to the UK, but get here they did and whilst I was packing for my holiday to Spain I made sure this went into my bag. A western steampunk circling round the lives of three brothers, I was intrigued! This was book 1 and following the story of the younger brother Colt.

I love westerns, I always have, I think I get it from my dad and sunday afternoons watching Bonanza (starts singing tune... Du du du dud ud...and pretends to be riding a horse) I love steampunk, so cowboys and steampunk... I was sold! I just hoped the book was as great as the premise.


And it was!! It is a GREAT BOOK!! I could have happily turned to the next instalment and carry on reading.

I do recommend that if you are looking for a new series or something just a little bit different the give this a try. The characters are captivating and garner our emotions and trust almost immediately. Colt starts this quite like your stereotypical cowboy but from the outset you know there is something different about him, an emerald surrounded by cut glass, his honesty and strength shine through. But he has never met anyone like Lilly.

Lilly I liked from the beginning. She was cute and funny and had purpose. someone with a hard life and a difficult background she made choices which allowed her to change her circumstances. I cheered her on from the beginning! Colt truly has never met anyone like her before and she makes a lasting impression, one which raises his blood pressure and makes him feel thongs he has never felt for a woman before. Her quick wit and refusal to just accept her gender role make her an engaging character who we want to see more of.

And yes they are hot for each other *nudge nudge wink wink* not in an I am always gonna try and get into your pants way, but in a sexy desperate and romantic way. So if you fancy a little spicy sausage stay tuned to this book.

The side characters are great too, particularly Colt's brothers and the scientific brains- Murphy. His brothers HEAs are possibly introduced in the book and you are eager to see where their journeys take them in their concurrent tales.

A great read, full of passion, romance, fantasy and steampunk. I give The Hunter 5 frillies out of 5 and I hope you all run out and buy a copy or someone takes pity on me and sends the next one. If you like cowboys, steampunk and supernatural, trust me you'll love it!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Darker Still: Reviewed

by Leanna Renee Hieber

The Picture of Dorian Gray meets Pride and Prejudice, with a dash of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.New York City, 1882. Seventeen-year-old Natalie Stewart's latest obsession is a painting of the handsome British Lord Denbury. Something in his striking blue eyes calls to her. As his incredibly life-like gaze seems to follow her, Natalie gets the uneasy feeling that details of the painting keep changing...
Jonathan Denbury's soul is trapped in the gilded painting by dark magic while his possessed body commits unspeakable crimes in the city slums. He must lure Natalie into the painting, for only together can they reverse the curse and free his damaged soul.
From the back cover:

“I was obsessed. It was as if he called to me, demanding I reach out and touch the brushstrokes of color swirled onto the canvas. It was the most exquisite portrait I’d ever seen. Everything about Lord Denbury was unbelievable-- utterly breathtaking and eerily lifelike. There was a reason for that. Because despite what everyone said, Denbury never had committed suicide. He was alive. Trapped within his golden frame. I’ve crossed over into his world within the painting and I’ve seen what dreams haunt him. They haunt me too. He and I are inextricably linked- bound together to watch the darkness seeping through the gas-lit cobblestone streets of Manhattan. And unless I can free him soon, things will only get darker still..."

How could I resist? Pride and Prejudice and Dorian Grey are two of my favourite classic tales (The Literary Cannon has its uses! hehehee) However when I was given this ARC I was not the first member of my family to read it! Minxy Mummy said that looks good and snaffled it out from under my nose and took it home! I had to go and steal it back from her. I did allow her to read it though, because I am nice like that, and she thought it was ' really good' which is Mum language for I loved it. Which is good, because I finished it this morning and I agree, I loved it!

It is great and a unique idea, a young girl to save a man trapped in a painting and love blossoms, add to that  supernatural beliefs of different nations, demons and spirits and I am sold! The characters are well crafted and believable, Natalie is sincere and innocent and we watch her grow as a person as the novel develops, she becomes a heroine in the true sense of the word, battling evil whist shaking in her boots but refusing to give in. Danbury is gallant and a gentleman, but with a passionate edge that shows you he would be an interesting man to know. In some sense he is a man led by his passions, but one who had learned that to follow blindly will lead to disaster. Now he has a passion for Natalie, and his freedom.

The supporting characters are equally intriguing, particularly Mrs Northe and her niece Maggie. I am wondering how they will develop in future novels, some lovely teasers were dropped into this book, I want to know more about Mr Bentrop, why was he in Egypt, why did he want the painting so much? I could be way off the mark, but I do want to know more. I do love it when a story is resolved but leaves the reader wondering and further questions. To me that is the sign of a great read.

I don't read and recommend much YA, but I do recommend this, why? Firstly is is great and well written with believable characters which give an insight into to the supernatural superstitions of Victoriana, secondly because the appeal is generational, from 12 to 92. Lets put it this way Minxy Mummy is in her 60s and she loved it. I loved it. I hope everybody loves it.

Ok, ramble time usually means I need to finish this off, so here goes, Darker Still is a great read by a talented author and I hope it becomes a modern classic! There, I said it. I hope all who read the book, enjoy it as much as I did. I give it 5 frillies out of 5!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

One Grave at a Time: Reviewed

own purchase
by Jeaniene Frost

The grave is one wrong step away.

Having narrowly averted an (under)world war, Cat Crawfield wants nothing more than a little downtime with her vampire husband, Bones. Unfortunately, her gift from New Orleans' voodoo queen just keeps on giving--leading to a personal favor that sends them into battle once again, this time against a villainous spirit.

Centuries ago, Heinrich Kramer was a witch hunter. Now, every All Hallows Eve, he takes physical form to torture innocent women before burning them alive. This year, however, a determined Cat and Bones must risk all to send him back to the other side of eternity--forever. But how do you kill a killer who's already long dead?
I do love me a Cat and Bones books, and this is a great Cat and Bones book, plot driven rather thn relationship driven this one takes on a wild ride through their lives, giving snippets of things to come and a fantastic battle against ghosts. We meet old friends, make new friends, have the blindfold whipped off our face when we are tricked and smile when Cat and Bones make time for each other.

For me this is one of the best in the series (and again, if you have not read any of the others you could read this as a stand alone) Cat and Bones are asked to help Elizabeth, a ghost friend of Fabian, rid the world of Heinrich Kramer. Kramer tried her for a wicth and killer her and even though he is dead, he is still doing it, Elizabeth has tried for years to stop him, but can not. Cat and Bones agree to help, but this is only one story in the book, the other involves Don and a new character Madigan. Madigan is well known to Don, but there are secrets about their past together which Don seems unwilling to share. With Don haunting Madigan at the compaound we hear snippets of what is probably a plot to come and it is an intriguing plot!

Cat and Bones are a sexy as ever, passion and turmoil seems to swirl around them but they make it look good! The plot is tight and intriguing, we have new side characters, Tyler (a medium) in particular who is creative and extremely funny, especially when discussing sexy vampires. But for me it is Ian who steals the show in some sense as he does get the best lines, it also allows us to try and get to know him better. I do love how Bones, Spade and Ian interact with each other, a friendship and loyalty which transends personalities, very much like family.

I realise I am rambling now, but I truly do not want to spoil someones joy of watching the story unfold and figuring out the secrets, or laughing out loud and one of the many oneliners.

A great read! Engaging and exciting. I give it 4.5 frillies out of 5.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Archangel's Blade: Reviewed

own purchase
By Nalini Singh

The severed head marked by a distinctive tattoo on its cheek should have been a Guild case, but dark instincts honed over hundreds of years of life compel the vampire Dmitri to take control. There is something twisted about this death, something that whispers of centuries long past...but Dmitri's need to discover the truth is nothing to the vicious strength of his response to the hunter assigned to decipher the tattoo.

Savaged in a brutal attack that almost killed her, Honor is nowhere near ready to come face to face with the seductive vampire who is an archangel's right hand, and who wears his cruelty as boldly as his lethal sensuality...the same vampire who has been her secret obsession since the day she was old enough to understand the inexplicable, violent emotions he aroused in her.

As desire turns into a dangerous compulsion that might destroy them both, it becomes clear the past will not stay buried. Something is hunting...and it will not stop until it brings a blood-soaked nightmare to life once more...

Part of the Guild Hunter series but if you have never read any before this novel is easily read as a stand alone, and trust me it is worth reading! Dmitri, Dmitri, Dmitri.... I want a Dmitri! Actually if I had we would fight a lot because I can be downright awkward but I believe the making up would be worth it! As you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I have enjoyed the whole series and liked Dmitri from the beginning, it was his sarcasm and protective nature which drew me and the sexy and dangerous exterior just made him a multifaceted character I wanted to know more about. In Archangel's Blade Dmitri is laid bare for all to see and his is a wonderful tale of loss, violence, hardship, passion, protection and a love that defies the rules.

Honor is a great character and a reflection of Dmitri, if that makes sense. Dmitri appears to be strong but as the novel goes on we realise the secret he hides and how emotionally fractured he can be, Honor appears to be fractured but inside we find she had a core of iron which has held strong through all the hardship and abuse she has endured. They fit, perfectly, and whilst Dmitri is instantly attracted Honor wants nothing to do with him, or any vampire. One of my favourite scenes is when he tells her to look at a painting to see what his type of women is, when she looks it up and sees the woman, she may as well be looking in the mirror. It is a fantastic scene.

A great multi layers story from Singh, on one level you have the action plot of who is murdering the vampires, beneath that you have the mystery plot of who kidnapped Honor, under that you have the plot of who is honor, and layered between all of them, linking and surrounding all the themes is the growing relationship between Honor and Dmitri. Meeting up again Holly Chang who was kidnapped in the first novel allowed us to see what was going on and how she may develop for future novels, meeting Honor also allowed us to meet more of the hunters, Ashwini in particular and I am keen to see how they both develop as characters. Of course Raphael and Elena both feature in the book, as do Bluebell and Venom so no fear about missing your favourite characters.

This is a fast paced book which grabs and holds your attention until the end, for me, definitely a keeper. Yes you do kinda figure out the connection between Dmitri and Honor, but I believe we are supposed to and the knowledge only makes us understand the power of true love.

A great read I give 5 frilly knickers to. 

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Review: Dearly Departed

ARC from AAD

by Lia Habel

Love can never die.

Love conquers all, so they say. But can Cupid’s arrow pierce the hearts of the living and the dead—or rather, the undead? Can a proper young Victorian lady find true love in the arms of a dashing zombie?

The year is 2195. The place is New Victoria—a high-tech nation modeled on the manners, mores, and fashions of an antique era. A teenager in high society, Nora Dearly is far more interested in military history and her country’s political unrest than in tea parties and debutante balls. But after her beloved parents die, Nora is left at the mercy of her domineering aunt, a social-climbing spendthrift who has squandered the family fortune, and now plans to marry her niece off for money. For Nora, no fate could be more horrible—until she’s nearly kidnapped by an army of walking corpses.

But fate is just getting started with Nora. Catapulted from her world of drawing-room civility, she’s suddenly gunning down ravenous zombies alongside mysterious black-clad commandos and confronting “The Laz,” a fatal virus that raises the dead—and hell along with them. Hardly ideal circumstances. Then Nora meets Bram Griswold, a young soldier who is brave, handsome, noble . . . and dead. But as is the case with the rest of his special undead unit, luck and modern science have enabled Bram to hold on to his mind, his manners, and his body parts. And when his bond of trust with Nora turns to tenderness, there’s no turning back. Eventually, they know, the disease will win, separating the star-crossed lovers forever. But until then, beating or not, their hearts will have what they desire.

In Dearly, Departed, steampunk meets romance meets walking-dead thriller, spawning a madly imaginative novel of rip-roaring adventure, spine-tingling suspense, and macabre comedy that forever redefines the concept of undying love.

Yes you heard right, Zombies, now before I go any further I would like to state that I have a 'thing' about Zombies, and I don't mean in an aren't they great way. This is the fault of my uncle who showed me, my brother and cousin Dawn of the Dead- I was about 10! Never been the same about Zombies since, they loved them, me.... terrified!  It took until I was in my 20s for me to watch Day of the Dead, but I have been getting over it and did read Pride, Prejudice and Zombies. So if me, a zombie worrier liked it, it must be good, mustn't it? Well I DID like it and it is a very good book. It has enough charm to warm and cheer the most avid adult reader and enough angst to thrill the YA reader and perhaps make them forget all about sparkly vampires, at least for a while.

If you are a Zombie lover there are the traditional thriller flesh eating decaying walking dead zombies, but there are also the Zombies who are suffering from 'The Laz' or Lazarus syndrome, when they 'died' they reanimated quickly and came back as themselves, personality and morality intact. This dichotomy creates an interesting development in the story arc, you have your traditional battle between different factions (The Punks and New Victorians, the good and bad Zombies, the humans and all zombies) but it also allows the story to twist and turn in intricate ways. And it is a story with a twist, one that makes you think, concentrate and question.

It is a complicated tale, but it is written in a way which allows you to see the full picture. Each chapter is written in the first person, but each chapter is written in a different voice: the chapter headers telling you who is narrating the chapter. Now don't run away screaming, this is a really interesting way of giving the omniscient narrative point of view and it works well, creating sympathy for the characters and a pacy novel.

The characters are endearing, Nora and Bram in particular, but the supporting characters measure up too, they are amusing, forthright and brave. I don't want to say too much because I would hate to spoil the book for anyone. Nora (Dearly- hence the title) is intelligent, brave and ladylike, something which is shown in great contrast when she comes in contact with the zombies, but she also holds a secret, a secret that she doesn't know. Bram is tall, athletic, sensitive and alpha, and for a zombie, sexy. They are drawn to each other from the beginning but as the relationship develops they are faced with the obvious problem of where it can go, are I really enjoyed where Habel took the story. The steampunk backdrop is perfect for the content of the novel, a mix of new technology, steam and Victoriana. One of my favourite scenes shows you just what damage you can do with a parasol!

The ending suggests that there will be future books and I am really interested where this tale will go. An interesting and enjoyable read I give 4.5 frillies to. Definitely one to watch out for.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Review: Happily Never After

personal copy

by Jeaniene Frost

Isabella Spaga is about to reluctantly walk down the aisle with Mr. Dangerously Wrong…but not if dashing vampire Chance has anything to say about it. As a favor to Bones, Chance has come to derail this wedding of beauty to the beast. Now if only he can keep his hands off the bride. From New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress world, it’s the wedding of the season…that everyone wants to miss. (Originally appeared in Weddings From Hell anthology)

Not having invested in the Weddings from Hell anthology I was pleased to see that this individual title appeared as an E book on the kindle, I am a sony owner but I didn't let that phase me and simply downloaded kindle for the PC which works GREAT on a netbook. It was only 99p think it sells for $1.99 for those in the USA. Is it worth 99p? ABSOLUTELY

For those of you wanting Bones and Cat, you won't get that, you will get a guest appearance by Bones but you do get an enjoyable short which widens the scope of and our knowledge of the peripheral characters in Bones and Cat's life.

In this we meet Chance, now head of his own line but sired by Bones and when requested he goes all out to help a former 'doner/lover/friend' of Bones, no not Isa but her Grandmother Greta. Chance is your typical charming vamp, gorgeous with a touch of arrogance and no qualms about running about naked. Isa is feisty but trapped into a situation where she can see no way out. Why? Because this situation is not of her making, she is a pawn being used and manipulated, why is she going along with it? To keep her family safe.

You need a quickie little fix of the Night Huntress World then this could be for you, the relationship between Chance and Isa is fun, sometimes funny and certainly full of passion. I recommend this quickie whole heartedly and give it 4 frillies out of 5.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Review: Tempest Rising

Book from ADD Swag

By Nicole Peeler
Living in small town Rockabill, Maine, Jane True always knew she didn't quite fit in with so-called normal society. During her nightly, clandestine swim in the freezing winter ocean, a grisly find leads Jane to startling revelations about her heritage: she is only half-human.

Now, Jane must enter a world filled with supernatural creatures alternatively terrifying, beautiful, and deadly- all of which perfectly describe her new "friend," Ryu, a gorgeous and powerful vampire.

It is a world where nothing can be taken for granted: a dog can heal with a lick; spirits bag your groceries; and whatever you do, never-ever rub the genie's lamp.

If you love Sookie Stackhouse, then you'll want to dive into Nicole Peeler's enchanting debut novel.

One of the first people I met at AAD was Nicole Peeler and I didn't even know it, I was nervous and chatting away unknowing that I was talking to an author whose book I'd wanted to read for ages and then I looked in my swag bag and there it was! SQUEEEE!

It is true I have been wanting to read this book since I saw across twitter and bloggerverse how much people were enjoying it and when I got a copy it went straight to the top of the pile. I read it sat mostly in Philadelphia airport waiting for a delayed plane and the rest sat round a pool in Las Vegas and I loved it! (FYI if you read books round the pool in Vegas be careful, the glue starts to melt! Don't worry, both mine are safe)

I was totally invested in Jane's world when I read this, you knew from the start she was different and whilst the book introduced her life and friends you were waiting for the supernatural reality to hit, and hit it did, with a BANG! Jane is an intriguing character, quiet and shy because of her past but you know there is a light waiting to shine and those who love her know this. Don't be mistaken and think just because she is quiet she is a wimp, she isn't and when she is given a chance to get what she needs/wants she grabs it with both hands. Much to Ryu's delight.

Ryu is fun, a vamp with a hinted at past, gorgeous and hypnotic, his interest in Jane is not purely professional but we do sense that as much as he cares for her there is something else happening. Not between them, don't get me wrong, just in general, will Ryu be Mr Right or Mr Right now I do not know. But I do know he will defend Jane as best he can from those out to kill her because layered over this paranormal/urban fantasy romance is a good thriller, a who dunnit! Who is out to kill Jane and why? And I quite like the whole will it last forever quandry, it is like life!

Ryu is not her only help, she finds out her best friend is also supernatural and that there are a lot of supernatural beings who live near her under the protection of Nell the Gnome. But it is character Anyan who intrigues me and I wonder what his involvement will be in future books.

A great book which developed a new supernatural world for me, one I want to throw myself into completely, soon as I get back I will be getting book 2! I give Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler 4.5 frillies out of 5.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Review: Forged of Shadows

Book from AAD swag 
By Jessa Slade

After surviving the Irish Potato Famine, Liam Niall was possessed by a demon in search of redemption. Now, he heads the Chicago league of taylan in their fight against evil. Jilly Chan is a mentor to the local homeless youth-and warrior against the criminals who prey upon her charges. She's already half-taken by a demon, so Liam reluctantly tries to guide her into full power.

Even as the proudly independent Jilly tries to remain true to her own soul, Liam's fiercely passionate touch leaves a mark on her desirable flesh as enduring as her new demonic tattoo... from Goodreads

When I started to read this I did not realise it was book 2 in a series, not that it bothers me, I am not the type of person who must start at the beginning and work their way through, if you are, be aware this is book 2. Book 1 is Seduced by Shadows and it looks really good. Could Forged of Shadows stand alone as a book, absolutely and I will say this now, loud and clear, I liked it! There you go, no waiting till the end to find out what I thought... I liked it. Would I have liked it more had I read the first book? I can't answer that, I think having prior knowledge of events would have helped me flesh out some of the scenes more, but this did not mar my understanding.

This is a good book in my opinion, why? It has the ingredients I like in Sci Fi or Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance or... *insert own term here*  it is complicated with characters who embrace their complexities and push the boundaries of their story arc striving for more, for love, life a better existence. It is a book about hope, and how love can free you so hope can find you.

The main characters are Liam and Jilly: Liam, a 200 year old former Irish blacksmith who survived the famine but who became possessed by a repentant demon to become a warrior to fight evil and ultimately to lead his motley band of warriors. If you like your heroes lean, tall, mysterious and devilishly good looking (including facial markings) then Liam is the man for you. He takes his role as leader very seriously, determined to do a good job and slay evil with his hammer. When Jilly is thrown into the mix he doubts himself, wondering where this new path will take him, she is irreverent and exasperating and totally a match for him. When they meet explosions happen, physically, literally and metaphorically.

Jilly doesn't suffer fools gladly and after a difficult life and working as a social worker (youth worker) with street kids she has developed a thick skin, a wall about her emotions. She felt she couldn't 'save' her own family so she is trying to save others. Where Liam is the dark and the shadows Jilly is the fire and the speed, rushing in full force and learning as she goes. They truly compliment each other and through many trials develop their relationship. Jilly is a great female character endearing yet forceful and someone you come to care about.

The secondary characters are very interesting too, Archer and Sera who were the protagonists in the first story, and in particular the baddie Blackbird. I don't want to say too much and spoil anyone's reading. I  was lucky enough to meet Jessa Slade after a blogger panel at AAD and she gave me book 3! I shall be starting it soon.

On the whole this is a complicated tale, full of intrigue, stick with it and it will take you on a fantastic journey. A great read, I give it 4 frilly knickers out 5.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Teaser Tuesday!

Inspired by The Book Vixen, who participates in Teaser Tuesday hosted by MizB at Should be Reading I think it is a FAB idea... she said to

* Grab your current read
* Open to a random page
* Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
* BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! Make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others.
* Share the title and author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Ok so here goes, my teaser is from page 27 The Countess by Lynsay Sands

"Christiana stared at her with disbelief. “He is dead now, Lisa. After a couple of days . . .” She didn’t finish, it was just too gruesome to say that the man would start to smell."

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Saturday Snippet

Saturday Snippet is something we are doing over at Gutter Girls, (and many other places I am sure) very much like Teaser Tuesday, you give a snippet of the book you are currently reading. It is that simple!

As you know I am working my way through Lords of the Underworld and I am on book 3 The Darkest Pleasure by Gena Showalter.

This snippet is from page 48 (I know, I haven't gotten far, blame my netbook Bear knows what it has been doing to me! *sob*)

"When she first opened her eyes a little bit ago, her hope that the men were cops and she might make bail was completely dashed. Cops did not chain women to strange beds. Who were these men? What did they want with her?"

Good stuff huh!! Be honest, who else has the urge to go DUN DUN DUUUUUNN!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Perfect Man Meme

I am participating in the Perfect Man Meme, part of the Perfect Man event over at Scorching Book Reviews. Today's theme is CLASSICAL, now Miss Nix has nabbed one of my faves already MR DARCY! *pant pant swoon* but I do have others in my bag!

Courtesy of Mr Shakespeare I present you Oberon King of the Fairies! Now don't let that put you off, he is tough. strong, ruthless and handsome all the things I like in a man. Ok so he can get a little jealous and territorial but that is not always a bad thing, especially when he realised he has done wrong and does everything he can to reconcile. *wink*

How do I see Oberon?

Kinda like this, natural and a little ragged and not to concerned with clothing =P

My perfect classical man.... is a fairy!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Black Swan Rising

By Lee Caroll

When New York City jewelry designer Garet James stumbles into a strange antiques shop in her neighborhood, her life is about to be turned upside down. John Dee, the enigmatic shopkeeper, commissions her to open a vintage silver box for a generous sum of money. Oddly, the symbol of a swan on the box exactly matches the ring given to her by her deceased mother. Garet can’t believe her luck and this eerie coincidence until she opens the box and otherworldly things start happening. . .
That evening, the precious silver box is stolen. When Garet begins to investigate, she learns that she has been pulled into a prophecy that is hundreds of years old, and opening the box has unleashed an evil force onto the streets of Manhattan and the world at large. Gradually, Garet pieces together her true identity—one that her deceased mother desperately tried to protect her from. Generations of women in Garet’s family, including her beloved mother, suffered and died at the hands of this prevailing evil. Does Garet possess the power to reclaim the box and defeat this devastating force?
On her journey, she will meet the fey folk who walk unnoticed among humans and a sexy vampire who also happens to be a hedge fund manager that she can’t stop thinking about. But the fairies reveal a desire to overpower mere humans and the seductive vampire has the power to steal the life from her body. Whom can Garet trust to guide her? Using her newfound powers and sharp wit, Garet will muster everything she’s got to shut down the evil taking over her friends, family, New York City, and the world.

 I came across this book as I was wandering through Waterstones, being glared at by my Mum (who already thinks I buy far too many books) and saw this on the top shelf as a recommended read and a little review from one of the employees. Being a cover whore I thought, oooooo, ok then, and I gave it a shot. I am so pleased I did as I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lee Carroll is the writing combo of Carol Goodman and her husband Lee Slonimsky, I had not read any of their books before but I will definitely be looking into reading more of it.

A new urban fantasy series which mixes vampires and the fae and heaps on top of that romance through the ages and unrequited love, Black Swan Rising is the story of Garet James, a watchtower and Will Hughes. In the beginning of the book Garet believes she is a simple gallery owner and jewellery designer, however after a really bad day- bank calling in loan- Garet accepts a strange commission to open a silver box with the same swan insignia as the the signet ring her mother gave her. This section is really fast paced, you are pulled into the drama, you are wondering what is going to happen next, suspending disbelief as her world gets weirder and weirder (and you will have to take a leap of faith with this book, vampires, demons alchemists and fairies? But trust me it works and after all shouldn't a fantasy book take us on a bizarre fantastical journey?)

Garet is an interesting character who throws herself into the world she discovers, admittedly she doesn't have much choice, but with her power building she discovers exactly what she can do. Her supporting cast is really well thought out too, her father and his old artist friend, her best friends who form part of a band, the police detective investigating the break in at her gallery and the fae she meets. It is the relationship with her family and friends which keeps her grounded throughout, even when she misreads the signals and we the reader are screaming at her telling her she has picked he wrong one. Can't say more on that as I might spoil it, but yes, I screamed at the book!

Add to this sexy Will Hughes, vampire, but a vampire who seems to find her in every incarnation, a vampire who professes to love her, one who is tied to her and one who is as sexy as hell. Is he good, is he evil? He is a man and a vampire and like the rest of us he is sometimes in this for himself and that is something Garet has to face, but not all his lost and there is hope in the end. He is an intriguing character and I can totally see why she is fascinated by him. The only down side, sex between them is referred to and skipped over. I am not saying I want full on erotic description, I don't think it would fit with the rest of the book, but a little description of the emotions that she felt would have helped e. But please don't let this put you off, it is a passing remark.

Garet with the help of Will and Obie Smith (I'll not spoil it by telling you who he is) must battle John Dee evil Elizabethan alchemist who wants to bring despair and discord to the world, the book is Garet's journey of discovery and a race to find the truth as she battles Dee and his forces, but each battle brings more questions, each answer a new secret. Where will it all end up? Read it and find out.

Can't wait for part 2 The Watchtower. A great new read, I just wish more people new about it so I could talk about it, because writing this without giving away the plot was so difficult, this is attempt 3 and it is still not perfect, so I leave you with this thought.... 4.5 frilly knickers out of 5! Go read the book and thank you Waterstones!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

No Place to Run: Reviewed

By Maya Banks

The last person Sam Kelly expected to pull wounded from the lake was Sophie Lundgren. Once they shared a brief, intense affair while Sam was undercover and then she vanished. She's spent the last months on the run, knowing that any mistake would cost her life and that of her unborn child—Sam's child. Now she's resurfaced with a warning for Sam: this time, he's the one in danger.

Now he's her last chance.

Sam has too many questions to let her slip away again—like why she disappeared in the first place. This time he vows not to be seduced. But one look in her eyes, and the passion burns again, and Sam knows he’ll do anything to keep her and his child safe. However, Sophie’s dark past is more dangerous than he imagines, and the only way for either to survive it is to outrun it.

Don't you just love a book with secrets? Well this series by Maya Banks is a well kept secret that I am about to blow the whistle on because I LOVED it! I did, I truly did. I know it is fairly new and I ordered the first 2 together to see what they were like but the minute I finished this one I went online and ordered the next, if that is not recommendation enough, I don't know what is. So why did I like them? They are different from each other even though the premise is the same, military (or ex military) brother has to save love from dire straits *hums money for nothing riff.... heheh.... dire straits get it...* OK moving on.. but the books are very different.

Sam is the eldest of the Kelly brothers and takes his roll very seriously, however whilst on a job he meets Sophie and everything goes out of the window and into the bed, after a rather steamy session in the shower he leaves and well leaves Sophie will a part of himself. However Sophie has her own secrets, huge great ones which put her in danger, she resists as long as she can but eventually she is forced to hunt Sam out. Sophie is great, she is strong and relentless and very feminine, she is simply pushed beyond tolerance and lets face it I don't think anything in this world is fiercer than a mother defending her children.

The relationship between Sam and Sophie starts very hot and heavy and then, well trust issues surface and the majority of the book is them trying to resolve their problems, build a relationship, stay alive and keep the family alive. Like with the previous book things are not always what they seem and there is a twist in the tale. It is a really good story which is fast paced and keeps you wanting to turn the page and if it can engage me through many painkillers and cramps it can do almost anything!

If you like strong characters, military men and a mystery with your romance then this book is for you, a great summer read I give No Place to Run 4.5 frilly knickers out of 5 and I can't wait for Garret's book!

Friday, 6 May 2011

No Mercy: Reviewed

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dev Peltier thought he knew it all. But one night when not just a Dark-Hunter, but an official member of the Dogs of War sashays into his bar, he realizes that he might have met his match.

Sam was one the fiercest Amazon warrior in her tribe. But when an act of brutal betrayal made her a Dark-Hunter, she's been pissed ever since.

Life fast, fight hard and enjoy the night. That's her credo. But as old enemies and new move into New Orleans, she realizes that Dev just might be the only hope she and mankind have to save the world.

 I have been a fan of the Dark Hunter series for a very long time, in fact many years ago it was my first foray into the world of the paranormal, well OK I had read fantasy and science fiction for years, but I had never come across paranormal romance before and with Night Pleasures I lapped it up! Went out and got Fantasy Lover and Night Embrace (which were the only other 2 out) and devoured them. I then learned what it was like to stalk the postman! So yes, these books do have a special place in my heart. It is what led me to the Dark Hunter BBS (sadly it is no more sob) created BAM ( Banners Anonymous- founder member) and eventually led me here and to all of you. Throughout all those books (and yes I have read them all) one of my favourite characters was Dev and I was SO excited that he would finally get his own book. But I also went into this with a little trepidation as even though I have enjoyed the recent books I am also aware of how big the DH world now is and in some ways the books have lost the charm of the early books I fell in love with. This tight nit community which looks after their own. But I shouldn't have been scared.


Perhaps it was because all the old gang was there, perhaps it was because Dev was one of the original characters and I felt I knew him already, but that charm was there and wound throughout the book.

I am not saying the book is perfect, there are still some questions that need answering like does Sam's "thing" not work on him simply because they are mates? Or did I miss something?

But it is a good book and a really engaging read. Dev is sexy and bearlike and human and vulnerable and all the things deep inside that he didn't show, we find out more about his past life and his relationship with his family, his mother in particular and just why family is so important to him, at times your heart will bleed for him. In the past books Dev came across as a bit of a player, well ok a different woman every night and sometimes two at a time (not that I minded I always had a soft spot for him *whispers bear pheromones to Sparklybearsy, Shame and Squire Nomad*) but we find out about the man inside in this book and through that more about his brothers, and I am certain Remi would have liked to keep some of those things secret! heheheheeeeee.

What about Samia? She is Amazonian in the best sense of the word, strong, fearless, brave and happy to put her life on the line for those she cares about, however someone wants her dead, in her final act of revenge she killed those who slaughtered her family, however they were more than they seemed and their brother has waited a long time for revenge and he means to have it.

A gripping story, old friends (the whole gang in there) and an ending which makes you smile, I love you Savitar! I gibe No Mercy 4.5 frilly knickers out of 5, add this to your summer reading list!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Marked: Reviewed

By Elizabeth Naughton

THERON – Dark haired, duty bound and deceptively deadly. He’s the leader of the Argonauts, an elite group of guardians that defends the immortal realm from threats of the Underworld.

From the moment he walked into the club, Casey knew this guy was different. Men like that just didn’t exist in real life—silky shoulder-length hair, chest impossibly broad, and a predatory manner that just screamed dark and dangerous. He was looking for something. Her.

She was the one. She had the mark. Casey had to die so his kind could live, and it was Theron’s duty to bring her in. But even as a 200-year-old descendant of Hercules, he wasn’t strong enough to resist the pull in her fathomless eyes, to tear himself away from the heat of her body.

As war with the Underworld nears, someone will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

This  book was a Christmas present my my friend Miss Shame (I got here the Dark Magic books) and I am so pleased she introduced me to the books as I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was in fact different to a lot of the paranormal fantasy/romance (or whatever it is now called) that I normally read. Why? I had never come across an Argonaut before. I know there are lots of books out there which draw on Greek myths and heroes but this was the first I had come across which used the idea of the Argonauts. (I did love the film Jason and the Argonauts when I was little, I know it was old even then, but when you are 6 those stop motion fighting skeletons are scary!)

This book was clearly an introduction into a new world which allowed us to experience more of the wider world as well as following the main plot, the building relationship between Theron and Casey and will she survive the threat on her life. It is a very complicated tale, but at no point did I feel lost or confused. I really like the world and was truly saddened by some of the deaths in it.

What did I love? I love how she saves him and cares for him, how he seems unable to control her, even her unconscious mind when he tries to wipe. I really enjoyed how the story had undercurrents which unfolded as it went on and we find not everything or everyone is what they seem, but there is just enough information so we suspect thereby including us into the secret.

I came to this boo fresh and knowing nothing about it and writing this is really hard because I loved that I knew nothing and therefore I don't want to give anything away to those who have never Read it!

Theron is your typical alpha, hot sexy and broody but he meets his match in Casey who always felt she was somehow different, but she doesn't realise how different, others however do (she works in a really interesting bar) and we find that she has been in part involved in their world for a while, she just doesn't realise that. Casey is strong and smart and funny and dare I say it almost amazonian.
A great read, I am heading to the book store to get the next few! I suggest you do the same, grab yourself a lounger and a drink and sit in the sun and indulge yourself in a great book! Don't forget the fan, when Theron gets going you will need to fan yourself!

I give Marked 4.5 frilly knickers out of 5! Thanks Shame, you are the best!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bound to Shadows: reviewed

By Kerri Arthur

At a local vampire club, someone is beheading the clientele, and the peace the Guardians are meant to maintain is getting shaky. Human and vampire fatalities escalate and Riley Jenson - a rare hybrid of werewolf and vampire - finds herself struggling to make sense of the murders and, in particular, her main suspect: the club's owner Dante Starke and his powerful sexual aura. And if things weren't bad enough, she's also torn between her love for Quinn and her connection with the unpredictable werewolf Kye - her soulmate. With the city on the verge of all-out war, Riley must not only capture the killer, but choose between the man she loves and the man she's destined to be with.

It had been a while since I read this series by the time I had the opportunity to pick up Bound to Shadows, I have to thank my friend V for introducing me to this series and first read them when I went to the states (Vegas Baby) to meet some of my girlies (you know who you are! Lets skip down the strip!) Sorry I am easily distracted... back to the book. I read the first 7 back to back and really enjoyed them and you know how it goes other books come out and you eventually get round to the next few and as usual I am late to the party. But that is not always a bad thing  and somehow I always seem to get the best seat. 

This is a really poignant installment in Riley Jenson's very turbulent life, the more of her stories I read the more I long for her to find some happiness, from the carefree guardian we met in the fist book, Riley has really been through the emotional and relationship ringer, the one constant, her family and Quinn. However her wolf heart wants something else and how do you deal with the fact you don't actually like your wolf soul mate and that your vamp heart wants someone else. Thankfully Quinn seems to be there for her now and is managing to deal with Riley's unusual life however this book focuses more on her relationship with Kye.

But this book is much more than that, it is a brilliant mystery. Not many people know this but I LOVE Sherlock Holmes stories, I have done for years and therefore I love a good and complicated mystery and Bound to Shadows is just that. You are left following the wake off all this murders with no clear solution, creeping up on all the suspects and wondering where the story will take you next. And it is a shock.

A fast paced and engaging boo which makes you want to read on and is so emotive your heart feels for Riley. A great read I give Bound to Shadows 4 frilly knickers out of 5.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Erotica of the Month: Drilled by Regina Carlysle

By Regina Carlysle

Lori Donovan accepts the Cougar Challenge and pledges to snag a hot young stud, knowing it’ll be tough once she moves back to her Texas hometown. She expects barren plains and rattlesnakes but finds hunky Jackson Blue drilling for oil on her property instead. A driller. Hmm. Lori has a few ideas about that and just about all of them involve her poor, needy, sex-starved body.

Jackson takes one look at the curvy, sexy, older woman and puts his expertise into action. After all, drilling is what he does best. Against the wall, on the floor or in the middle of her bed, he’s the right man for the job. It’s a hot time in Texas when a tough, sexy drillin’ man meets a sassy cougar, and playing it safe just isn’t an option.
 You need a little erotic pick me up an feel good read, go for Drilled! The pun in the title says everything, cowboys, oil fields drilling and sex, lots of it!  Lori doesn't think she will get the opportunity to fulfill her cougar pledge and in someways kinda hopes she doesn't have to, but that hope is dashed when she meets Jackson and all her hope turns to fulfilling her lustful thoughts about him. Jackson is fun and forceful and downright sexy!

I have a couple of the Cougar Challenge books but this is the first one I have managed to read (stupid real life) and I will be getting to the others as soon as I can because I truly enjoyed it, it was a short escape from a lot of outside stress I have had to deal with and it make me smile. OK it made me hot and bothered in a very good way!

It is a short story or novella therefore you can read it in a couple of hours and even though it is short and quick to the action you still get  real feel for the characters and their feelings. from that first THUD of attraction when the meet to the realisation that this could go somewhere and that panic that can sometimes go with it. You know the one, do they feel the same.

Grab yourself a copy and get reading, 4.5 frilly knickers out of 5, a definite damp panty read!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Sweet Temptation: Reviewed

By Maya Banks

He was a by-the-book cop who broke the rules in the bedroom...
Micah Hudson has painful secrets he's run hard from. He has new friends, a new life, but he's about to be confronted with the one person who reminds him of all he's tried to forget—Angelina, the sister of his oldest friend David. She knows everything about his past, including how he and David fell in love with the same woman, and how they decided the best way to prevent her from tearing them apart was to share her between them. But then a terrible accident left Micah alone...
She was willing to do anything to make him see the woman she'd become...
Micah lost the two people who meant the most in the world to him. Angelina lost her only family. And she kept her deepest secret close to her heart. Her love for Micah. No longer willing to wait, she decides it's time to go after him and bring him to his knees. She knows his secrets, his desires, his kinks and fetishes, and she'll use whatever it takes to reel him in. Behind the easygoing, loves women exterior lies a man with dark needs and passions. She can give him what he wants. But will he decide she's what he needs?

Another  book recommended to me by Miss Sparkybearsy and I must feed her chocolate for it! This was a case of coming to the series late and being able to read 4 books back to back and I did just that! By the time I got to Micah's book I was chomping at the bit! And I wasn't disappointed, the other books had suggested that Micah's was going to be a little different, that he was hiding something and that he needed more. Angelina is just what he needs, but she knows his secret and he doesn't realise she is what his missing in his life.

There is one problem, someone doesn't want anyone to have her, ever. Will Micah be able to get over his prejudices and save her? Well I will let you find that out for yourself!

A really great erotic read which is HOT and heavy on plot and characterisation, an intricate tale of mystery and lust which will have your gripping the book with white knuckles wanting to know what happens next and all the while trying to handcuff Micah to your bed, ok perhaps that bit is just me!

If you want something to get you all hot and bothered round the round the pool this summer then you can't go wrong with this book, Micah will have parts of you squirmy and tight you will ave to dive in the pool to cool off! I just ordered the next book and I am hoping it will be here soon. A definite damp panty read deserving 4.5 frilly knickers out of 5!
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