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Masquerade- The review

By Stella and Audra Price

Meanwhile, back in the Afterverse...

As the first General of the Conglacio and Head of the second house, Oscar pretty much keeps a low profile. He rules his family quietly and he watches the bastard prince, Gabe, for signs of him throwing Casha’s kingdom down the drain. As one of Casha’s closest confidantes, he’s dedicated to preserving the kingdom and returning the true heir to the throne.

Uriel, daughter of the third house of Conglacio, a beautiful and sexy creature, who had been coddled and protected most of her life, has a very special secret even she doesn’t know about. A meeting at the palace with the bastard prince brings Oscar into her limited world and her life gets turned upside down, for the better. Oscar, seeing the beauty, cannot figure out why she looks so familiar.

I was told I would probably like this book best of all.... and I did! It even allowed me to learn to like Drake, no joke, in this book you begin to understand him more and I now look forward to Leather and Moonshine to see him get his comeuppance, in a very sexy way of course. I am not saying Drake is my favourite character (sorry Drake but you were not nice in the earlier books, however you did make me laugh with your has Christmas come early comment) but I am beginning to understand him, I may not agree with his decisions, but in this book we see a different side to him, a side he shows to his family, and we begin to understand his motivations towards women. He truly needs someone to set him on his arse! (Btw Drake and Pyre would have been an interesting combo, but I am guessing we will be nearing more about Pyre)

But Drake is not the only person in this story, it is the story of his brother Oscar and his mate Uriel- yes there is a scene between all three of them *fans self* and because this story takes place in the Afterverse it is more focused on the story between Oscar and Uriel than it is to the plot machinations of Cash. All the other characters either appear or are mentioned, but with this book I believe I could read it separately from the rest and be able to understand what was going on. This does not mean that it does not contain important plot elements, it does, the breaking of Astrid's curse, the regeneration of Cash's mother, a Cash, Astrid and Fallon sandwich and the birth of Faris and Cash's son. Not to mention a few new ones! I am sure you will figure out exactly who Uriel is, I did! We also learn more about the other brother Gabbe, (shivers and not in a good way) his mother and the power ambitions of Bethany. She truly is a bitch and I can't wait until Cash and Faris catch up with her!

Oscar and Uriel are really good together, it is the 'traditional' story of very experienced man falls for virgin with a sexy side, I know and I am sorry if I made it it sound twee, but it does work. Both characters are so charming an endearing that it works. Plus Uriel was always a flirt, learnt to hold her own with men, and Oscar was given the task of 'breaking her in', something he had already decided to do, and tutors her in the finer arts of sex. But their personalities mesh so well together- they fit the premise of 'masquerade' Oscar's reserved exterior hides the sexy and experienced man underneath, and Uriel's identity was shrouded from the world.

A fun read, my favourite so far for plot, sexy sexy sexy 4 pink panties out of 5. A damp panty read!


Stella Price said...

OOH! Im sOOOO glad you enjoyed this one.. I told you it would be your favorite, LOL! Drake is nummy in this one, I loved when he backhanded Bethany HEH.

Os and Uriel are one of my favorite couples, cuz they work so well. And the Asty/fal/cash scene... OMG that was such a bitch to write but damn LOL.

Drake's female is a fae named Enid, who has been stalking him for sometime now, and she doesnt take the "get in, get off and get out" thing nicely... Drake gets his ass handed to him several times in this book.

Im SOOO glad you liked this one though hun! YAY! now you need to read the Djinn... HEHE...

Minx said...

Bethany needed back handling and I am guessing there is more to come from her, I don't think she is the kind to take things sitting down, more lying down or tied down.

Yes I learned to appreciate Drake more, he needs a woman who will tell him to shove it! LOL.

Yeah I may have to take a look at the Djinn ones, I saw Duvall Inc was mentioned in this one.

Got EbF to go yet, oh and I read the Arcady and Snow short... I can see why he is Mr Fantasy! YUM!

Stella Price said...

LOL Yes Arcady is a hottie... And he made her valentines day special thats for sure. I think you will Like the Duvall Inc. books, Janey is hardcore, Marsh is a lunatic and everyone else is simply mad lol.

Bethany.. yes.. bethany theres more from her, and Faris is going to show everyone why you should fear the fire princesses wrath. Bethany wants the Conglacio crown, and cash... So... this is going to be one FUCKED issue.

Drake... Ummm... totally yummy drake. Read the short story IN MARRAKESH in our free books "Enjoy the Afterverse" before Leather and moonshine comes out... theres info in there thats VERY important.. Ooh and you can see one of the naughty ways Oscar is wild in a story in there too... And meet Amaro and a few others.. HEh...

So happy you liked the series!

Mar said...

Where can I find a list of these books in order? I need to get a handle of these characters, who they are, how they mix together because it sounds amazing! I've read several scenes (at website) from Audra and Stella's books and they are so visual and super hot. Looking forward to reading them. ;)
Good review, Jules!

Stella Price said...


List for our books can be found at our webby:

The beauty of our books is that you can start in ANY series (except the snakes) and not be lost. I would suggest though starting with Sugar and Sin, then from there you can go to Fire in His Eyes or Silk and Steel... The Duvall Inc series are the Djinn books, and they mention characters too.

Hope that helps.


Minx said...

Thanks Mar!

If you go to the website

they are listed in order and available in ebook from All Romance, if you click on the covers it will take you there too. Handy thing to know, the first couple are free ebooks from there! Woot!

Yes Stella, I have both that and the Starlight one, I promise to read them.

Mar said...

Thanks Girls! ;)

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