Friday, 19 February 2010

Frost and Flame- The Review

by Stella and Audra Price

13 years is a long time apart… and enough time to make things right… and when Fire and Ice Collide…

The Exiled prince and rightful heir of the Conglacio Throne, Cassiel, Casha or Cash to his friends and family, has dealt with much in the past 13 years, madness, betrayal and the loss of not only his first born child but its mother, Princess Faris, Heir to the Cento throne. He’s spent his time on earth wisely, trying to collect the ten thousand souls he needs to return home, to get back to his Family, his throne and his Princess, and kill the Demon that took it all from him. He’s not even Close to attaining his goal.

Princess Faris had a plan, one that involved returning to the love of her life, regardless of the consequences. It seems now the stakes are much higher, as she doesn’t want History to repeat itself. Nothing will stand in her way, not her would-be Husband, her father’s right hand man, or her Father, King of the Centos and overlord of the Afterverse. After all, lighting doesn’t strike the same place twice...

This cold has not only turned me into the Lady of the Lemsip but also a book-a-day-aholic!So out of all the piles on unread books I have (First Drop of Crimson is waving at me) why this saga? Because it is just that, a saga, it reminds me of a serial or Demon Soap, each new story has all the established characters, an overarching story but introduces new people and twists to the tale, but ultimately it is addictive.

Cash and Faris are an interesting couple, a deep love which binds them yet allows them to exist without the other, after 13 years of separation they have had plenty of practice, whilst they are the stars of the story the story is more than about them and we discover more about the workings of the Verses and the Kingship of Fuerety, Faris's father. Cash is getting closer and closer to his goal of going home and challenging Fuerety, taking the throne as his with his Fire Demon bride. Virtually all the pieces are in place, even his dead mother manages to find a way to join in the party! Whilst that might seem a bit of a flippant comment that part of the plot is dealt with in a sensitive and creative way. You begin to believe they are going to achieve happiness.

Faris is interesting in the way that she is very vulnerable yet has a core of strength, she reminds me of a wounded animal who would die protecting her cub, there is no way she is ever letting daddy near this baby! Not that Cash would allow it, he is a fun character, stern and manipulative but you can't help but love him!

He still has a theory about Fallon and Snow being more than what they appear, and I do wonder if the non existant cat features into this. Snow keeps being guided by a cat, she is the only one who sees it and the the only house pet is Linus the smelly dog!

We are introduced to 'Sally' and his love for Alabaster, the sister of Queen Camions and concubine to King Amos, we find out more about Drake, and we meet Oscar!

Yes I know this review reads more like a list of distracted questions, blame the lemsip max strength!

OK- the review, a fun book if you want something with a connected over arching storyline, think soap opera with lovable and hateable characters, twists and turns and lots of sensuality and hot sex! 4 pink panties out of 5! And yes I have started on the next book.


Stella Price said...

Im so glad you liked it! I cant wait to see what you think of Masquerade!

Sparklybearsy said...

I cant believe you're ahead of me in the reading, i demand you stop and let me catch up Minxy lady of the lemsip!!

Cant wait to get to this one.

Stella Price said...


I cant wait to see what you think bear! LOL

Minx said...

Yip, I am liking all of the characters, I am interested to where this will all go...

*bats eyelashes*

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