Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Teaser Tuesday!

Inspired by The Book Vixen, who participates in Teaser Tuesday hosted by MizB at Should be Reading I think it is a FAB idea... she said to

* Grab your current read
* Open to a random page
* Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
* BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! Make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others.
* Share the title and author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Ok so here goes, my teaser is from p65: of Entwined by Fate by Stella and Audra Price

"Elise paced with her headset on, listening to the witch on the other end prattle on about what she had found on the Delphyne cults of the nineteen twenties. While it was fascinating, she still didn't see where she was going with the story."

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Masquerade- The review

By Stella and Audra Price

Meanwhile, back in the Afterverse...

As the first General of the Conglacio and Head of the second house, Oscar pretty much keeps a low profile. He rules his family quietly and he watches the bastard prince, Gabe, for signs of him throwing Casha’s kingdom down the drain. As one of Casha’s closest confidantes, he’s dedicated to preserving the kingdom and returning the true heir to the throne.

Uriel, daughter of the third house of Conglacio, a beautiful and sexy creature, who had been coddled and protected most of her life, has a very special secret even she doesn’t know about. A meeting at the palace with the bastard prince brings Oscar into her limited world and her life gets turned upside down, for the better. Oscar, seeing the beauty, cannot figure out why she looks so familiar.

I was told I would probably like this book best of all.... and I did! It even allowed me to learn to like Drake, no joke, in this book you begin to understand him more and I now look forward to Leather and Moonshine to see him get his comeuppance, in a very sexy way of course. I am not saying Drake is my favourite character (sorry Drake but you were not nice in the earlier books, however you did make me laugh with your has Christmas come early comment) but I am beginning to understand him, I may not agree with his decisions, but in this book we see a different side to him, a side he shows to his family, and we begin to understand his motivations towards women. He truly needs someone to set him on his arse! (Btw Drake and Pyre would have been an interesting combo, but I am guessing we will be nearing more about Pyre)

But Drake is not the only person in this story, it is the story of his brother Oscar and his mate Uriel- yes there is a scene between all three of them *fans self* and because this story takes place in the Afterverse it is more focused on the story between Oscar and Uriel than it is to the plot machinations of Cash. All the other characters either appear or are mentioned, but with this book I believe I could read it separately from the rest and be able to understand what was going on. This does not mean that it does not contain important plot elements, it does, the breaking of Astrid's curse, the regeneration of Cash's mother, a Cash, Astrid and Fallon sandwich and the birth of Faris and Cash's son. Not to mention a few new ones! I am sure you will figure out exactly who Uriel is, I did! We also learn more about the other brother Gabbe, (shivers and not in a good way) his mother and the power ambitions of Bethany. She truly is a bitch and I can't wait until Cash and Faris catch up with her!

Oscar and Uriel are really good together, it is the 'traditional' story of very experienced man falls for virgin with a sexy side, I know and I am sorry if I made it it sound twee, but it does work. Both characters are so charming an endearing that it works. Plus Uriel was always a flirt, learnt to hold her own with men, and Oscar was given the task of 'breaking her in', something he had already decided to do, and tutors her in the finer arts of sex. But their personalities mesh so well together- they fit the premise of 'masquerade' Oscar's reserved exterior hides the sexy and experienced man underneath, and Uriel's identity was shrouded from the world.

A fun read, my favourite so far for plot, sexy sexy sexy 4 pink panties out of 5. A damp panty read!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Frost and Flame- The Review

by Stella and Audra Price

13 years is a long time apart… and enough time to make things right… and when Fire and Ice Collide…

The Exiled prince and rightful heir of the Conglacio Throne, Cassiel, Casha or Cash to his friends and family, has dealt with much in the past 13 years, madness, betrayal and the loss of not only his first born child but its mother, Princess Faris, Heir to the Cento throne. He’s spent his time on earth wisely, trying to collect the ten thousand souls he needs to return home, to get back to his Family, his throne and his Princess, and kill the Demon that took it all from him. He’s not even Close to attaining his goal.

Princess Faris had a plan, one that involved returning to the love of her life, regardless of the consequences. It seems now the stakes are much higher, as she doesn’t want History to repeat itself. Nothing will stand in her way, not her would-be Husband, her father’s right hand man, or her Father, King of the Centos and overlord of the Afterverse. After all, lighting doesn’t strike the same place twice...

This cold has not only turned me into the Lady of the Lemsip but also a book-a-day-aholic!So out of all the piles on unread books I have (First Drop of Crimson is waving at me) why this saga? Because it is just that, a saga, it reminds me of a serial or Demon Soap, each new story has all the established characters, an overarching story but introduces new people and twists to the tale, but ultimately it is addictive.

Cash and Faris are an interesting couple, a deep love which binds them yet allows them to exist without the other, after 13 years of separation they have had plenty of practice, whilst they are the stars of the story the story is more than about them and we discover more about the workings of the Verses and the Kingship of Fuerety, Faris's father. Cash is getting closer and closer to his goal of going home and challenging Fuerety, taking the throne as his with his Fire Demon bride. Virtually all the pieces are in place, even his dead mother manages to find a way to join in the party! Whilst that might seem a bit of a flippant comment that part of the plot is dealt with in a sensitive and creative way. You begin to believe they are going to achieve happiness.

Faris is interesting in the way that she is very vulnerable yet has a core of strength, she reminds me of a wounded animal who would die protecting her cub, there is no way she is ever letting daddy near this baby! Not that Cash would allow it, he is a fun character, stern and manipulative but you can't help but love him!

He still has a theory about Fallon and Snow being more than what they appear, and I do wonder if the non existant cat features into this. Snow keeps being guided by a cat, she is the only one who sees it and the the only house pet is Linus the smelly dog!

We are introduced to 'Sally' and his love for Alabaster, the sister of Queen Camions and concubine to King Amos, we find out more about Drake, and we meet Oscar!

Yes I know this review reads more like a list of distracted questions, blame the lemsip max strength!

OK- the review, a fun book if you want something with a connected over arching storyline, think soap opera with lovable and hateable characters, twists and turns and lots of sensuality and hot sex! 4 pink panties out of 5! And yes I have started on the next book.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Silk and Steel- The Review

Silk and Steel by Stella and Audra Price

Goaded into doing a favor for his best friend, Arcady Morrison, Incubus and Hit man, Enters Russia even though he's got a price on his head to find His Best friend's only living family, His cousin Alice. Given a pass for safe passage by the second prince of the Conglacio, Prince Dimitri, Arcady thinks this will be an easy in and out job, After all it's the Princes Brothels he's got to search in order to find the girl, The prince being the premiere Pimp in Russia. If she's in Russia, she's in Dimitri's Employ. Stuck in a cold and frozen land, he's about to meet the girl of his dreams.

Before I begin with the review I read on Twitter that it is Audra's Birthday today, so Happy Birthday Audra! Photobucket

Silk and Steel is a continuation in the Eververse sage following the lives and trial of a group of demons, all of whom seem to be pawns in a much larger plan. The machinations and plots behind events have always interested me, it's like Machiavelli's The Prince, twist and turn and flirt and play nice but always remember who is first and have the knife at the ready; and in some respect I can see Cash doing that, getting his pawns in place, making alliances, remembering all the time that e is a demon and not nice, however life throws him curve balls, the fact that he loves Astrid's smelly dog, his old love Faris turns out to be pregnant with his child after poisoning her intended groom so she could have her wedding night with him, and that he finds little Alice Ipwisk in the form of his brother's enforcer the adorable and psychotic Snow. Yes life is not easy for the exiled prince.

But I think that is what I like, the fact that this plot is character driven and you begin to like and genuinely care about the characters. Some of whom I now hate! Bateman gives me the shivers and as for Drake.... I know some are panting after his book but after what he did to Snow and her dog (poor Soot) I have a good mind to smack him. I am interested, after all the things I have heard about him, to see how he develops and turns out, his portrayal in this book is not flattering. But they are all demons!

Apologies if this wanders, I blame the Lemsip Max strength with menthol, good stuff but it does make you feel a bit wooo wooo! =D

Aside from what I have already said this book is actually the story of Acardy and Snow and how they fall for each other. This is not an easy relationship, he has issues because of his nature, he needs sex (preferably with multiple partners) to survive, she is 'damaged' as she says. But it also is a story of what a person can cope with and self salvation. Snow is scary, but she is also strong, stronger than she gives herself credit for, and Arcady sees that. They compliment each other very well, she gives him someone to care for, and he gives her a sense of home and pride. Never once does he look down on her, he thinks it is cool she knows so many ways to torture people, then again he blew up a building with thousands of people in it. A match made in the Eververse!

A simpler story than Sugar and Sin, not as complicated, this was more character driven and whilst it did still have many twists in (the biggest adding itself in the epilogue- this had me heading online to buy the next one... I must finish the series!) it was in no way as complex as the first, and I was grateful for this.

A fun book, I love Arcady! I give it 4 pink panties out of 5.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Eververse: Sugar and Sin- The Review

By Stella and Audra Price

What would you give for a second chance? Astrid, a witch, has often wondered what would happen if her lover, Fallon, a teleport demon, came back to her. After a year apart it seems fate will bring them together once more, and their relationship is going to be tested with a new threat to their lives and the lives of their friends. A reckoning is coming, and its time to choose sides. When the exiled demon prince Cassiel gives Astrid an offer she can't refuse, will her relationship with Fallon pay the price?

This was an interesting book and ultimately I did enjoy it, however it wasn't all plain sailing- then again I am loaded with cold and my mind keeps wandering into lemsip induced fuzziness. I have said before that I like the work of the Price sisters, with the Weresnake books and Crimson and Collars I found something new and intriguing not to mention sexy; the Dragon books were sexy and romantic and I was looking forward to reading Sugar and Sin.

I liked the characters, Cash and Feyd in particular, Fallon is the strong silent type with a disturbed past, Feyd is the joker with the smart mouth (he calls his ladies Minx, what is not to like!) Cash is the insanely sexy exiled Prince; I liked the concept and how it is part one of a wider story arc, one which includes lost and found love, assassination, betrayal, insane demons, secrets, sex and the search for power. Astrid and Ash were fun, but I did sometimes mix them up, my lemsip stewed brain not able to cope with working out who was who. I did figure it out, honest I did, but I found I had to concentrate on the book in parts, in other parts I didn't want to put it down.

As I said, this is a bit of an odd review ,odd but good, I liked the characters and the plot, yes I had to concentrate but ultimately liked it and have started on book 2: Silk and Steel already.

(Snow is scary)

Ultimately a good introduction to the demon books: complicated plot in places with lots if twists and turns (I want to know what Cole did to Cash, how did she betray him.... will he ever become king! Dun dun duunnn) I saw this as a beginning book and new beginnings are often hard! (Yes there is plenty of that in this book! =D) So yip, lets talk analogies, this book is stage one in a marathon race and some of it is up hill, the competitors are sexy and have LOTS of stamina, the route contains lots of twists and turns, but when you finish stage 1 you will be running to stage 2. Mmmmmmmm Arcady Morisson!

I give it 3 pink panties out of 5.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Were Snakes... OH MY! The Review

A few months ago when I reviewed Crimson and Collars I said I rushed out, or at least online to buy 3 more books by the Price sisters and they were 3 books from The Knossos West series of the Eververse. As all 3 are short stories rather than reviewing one at a time I am doing a 3 for 1 deal! Aren't you lucky!

"There is a reason why Eve was so tempted...and it wasn’t the apple.

Hiding in plain sight, The weresnakes of Shadow Heights NY work and live among the humans and other supernatural's, existing in an environment where they are hunted and killed no longer. Join the inhabitants of Knossos West, the Weresnake compound, and see why snakes are the next sexy thing."

That is what the tag line says and I can completely understand why she would be tempted.


Remy Crane, a unmated were python, has been having some extremely erotic dreams for the past week about a woman hes sure doesn't exist. Imagine his surprise when he wakes up one morning and finds the woman of his dreams standing just inside the front door of the Weresnake compound. He recognizes Chrissy Stanford as his mate, albeit instinctually only, and decides he needs to have her in his bed. Little does he know shes going to become part of his heart as well.

Remy has been kept awake by erotic dreams for a few weeks and one morning when he is rushing to work he runs into Chrissy in the hallway. Not only is she his new nest mate but she has the room next to him, it is like fate is giving him a nudge! That night he believes he dreams of her however when he finds a spelk in his leg when he is in the shower, he realises that it was all real, and begins to pursue her.

This is a short book at just over 50 pages but as a quick tasting into the world of the were snake it does its job very well. Chrissy is confused and sweet, Remy is tattooed, pierced (and yes I am talking down there) and sexy. We discover that Chrissy has a bit of a wild side too and they hit it off. Short sexy fun.

3.5 pink panties out of 5.


Reece Evans, the nest bad boy and only male Anaconda in the NY nest, is NOT looking for a mate, but he is looking for a wild ride. When he goes to Dry Ice one night he meets Carmen, a viper and a rogue, and the attraction is beyond hot. When she steals his motorcycle from under his nose and then calls him to bail her out, Reece sees his opportunity for a very satisfying tryst still within his grasp. He agrees, on the condition that she stay with him a month, and be his sexy plaything. Little does he know he’s sealed his fate, Carmen is exactly the snake he never knew he couldn’t live without.

This was my favourite of all 3 of the books, I was told I would like Reece and oh my do I! Ok so he is a bit of an ass and I was wondering after his very strong come on to Chrissy in the first book how I would take to him, but I took to him just fine, he can bend me over backwards any time he wants. Carmen is fun to, a little spitfire of a viper who gives Reece as good as he gets, which is why this works so week. After he chats her up in a club she steals his wallet and bike, gets arrested and he bails her out, with the condition that she becomes his toy for a month. The story developed from there. And I do like this story, for me it was the most engaging, the sparks which fly between them could cause a dragon to overload! I will never look at fridges in the same way, ok that is a lie I will always look at them and think food, I just wish someone would do what he did, to me!

4 pink panties out of 5, a damp panty read!


When Andy Derelle went to Las Vegas to enjoy a wedding he never thought he would be propositioned by one of the most notorious nests in the country to audition its female members for a possible mate. But there he was, with six females to choose from, females that were coveted by their own territory's men.

Fajer Copeland, the only non-venomous snake of the southwestern nest, and their most sought after beauty is not looking for a mate, and is fine with being alone. Until the night Andy shows up in her bedroom doorway.
Andy is such a sexy sweetie as is Fajer, this is the most romatic of all three of the stories, mainly because of the personalities of the protagonists who are (for snakes) really very private people. Andy is weresnakenapped, meets intended snake Fay and slowly falls in love takes her home, away from her poisonous relatives and their love blossoms further. I did enjoy this book, but one of the main reasons for that is down to the wonderful side characters we meet, Ryan is just sex on snake legs, Anya his sister is a mad nympho with a penchant for cat shifters (she is lovely too) and the mysterious Hunter who we only meet for 2 paragraphs but he made me want to know him more.

3 pink panties out of 5

3 fun short stories with the original concept of weresnakes, if you are terrified of snakes be aware they do turn into them in the book.

Recommended sexy short reads.

Friday, 5 February 2010


Tomorrow on Gutter Girls we are celebrating all things Eververse! Extracts, reviews, and sexy menz!

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Monday, 1 February 2010

Fire in His Eyes- The Review

By Stella and Audra Price

Alcyone Sterling, succubus and owner of Pinkys XXX has a secret admirer, who is leaving her exotic and rare flowers and jewelry beyond beautiful. She doesn't know who it is, and gets even more curious after a clandestine liaison in her bedroom involving a few silk ties and a blindfold.

Char, Fire elemental and strongest of the last dragons left in the Eververse, is obsessed and in love with the young succubus, and recognizes her as his mate, regardless of her demon status. He has to have her, and will do anything to attain her. When the rest of what’s left of his dying race decided to interfere, Char is forced to made some very rash decisions, all in the name of love.

I won this book last weekend as part of the Sexy Saturday competition on Life in the Eververse This contest runs every Saturday, but there are others like this one. Anyway the bit you have been waiting for the review. Whilst I like my erotica I also like a good romance and that is what you get in this book. Char is described in the book as being like a big dog, and I can completely understand the metaphor, he is faithful and would defend those he loves with his life, towards the end of the book we discover that Char's wholesome exterior is perhaps not a sparkly clean as we would first believe, but then he has just picked a demon for his mate... and what a demon.

I liked Al, her quick mouth and fun attitude provide a real relief against the angst and ancient fear of the dragons, who because of wars past are terrified of demons discovering they still live. Al literally breathes new life into all of them, not just Char; however when she is breathing life into Char I think she sucks more than blows, but she is a succubus after all.

Al has an interesting relationship with Cam the Succubus Queen who impacts quite heavily on her relationship to Char, but she also has an ace up her sleeve in the form of Kael the water dragon and father of sea monkeys! I loved Kael, intelligent, sexy and quick witted, sparks fly between him and Al, but ultimately we understand why he is a rock covered marshmallow.

Kael's book is up next in deep water and I can't wait to read. A sweet and romantically sexy read which held my attention well, a great book if you want something to hold your interest with interesting characters, but also allow you to live life when required. Confusing I know, but that is a nice way of saying I could put it down when I needed to, but when I started reading again I was pulled back in. 4 pink panties out of 5, a damp panty read.
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